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In addition to a competitive salary package and a comprehensive benefits program to attract talent, Pro-Design Group is one of the few companies that also shares profits with employees, such that annual performance bonuses are nearly always above base.

Salary system: Monthly salary 12 months + annual festival bonus + year-end bonus (the company allocates 20% of the annual profit as the employee's year-end bonus).

Bonus system: All units of the company are given quarterly performance bonuses according to role-based performance metrics. The Sales business unit has another performance bonus, which is issued monthly.

Promotion system: In combination with the annual IDP assessment system, which considers professional development and personal career planning indicators, each employee is provided with fair and comprehensive promotion and salary increase opportunities. Advancement is based solely on performance, not on availability of an open position.

Flexible leave: We provide a flexible vacation system so that colleagues can fully plan their vacations in advance according to their individual needs.

Employee benefits program: For 16 consecutive years, we have held an annual overseas employee trip. Our most senior employees have visited all countries in East and Southeast Asia multiple times.

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