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Sealing enhancements
No leakage even with 50kg side load force
Stackable small bucket/jar design
Stackable jars and lids, for convenience and retaining shape
Innovative tint plug design
Leakproof hard lid and tint plug, for robust applications
Tear-tab sealed lid
Fully leakproof sealable lid with easy-to-open tear tab design
Lids with spouts for liquid contents
Injection molding of high melting point PP over low melting point LDPE, for cost-effective spout lid production
Lids meeting specifications
No leakage after 0.8 meter drop at any angle


19 patents

ROC patent certificate (8)

  • No. 219566 small cylindrical container structure
  • No. 185186 novel cover structure 
  • No. 185007 double cylinder cover engagement structure improved
  • No. 260521 modified lid structure
  • No. 208922 improved structure
  • No. 416991 plants automatic replenishment apparatus
  • No. 461600 package lid open lid configuration
  • No. 466879 sealed bucket

China utility model patent (11)

  • Patent No. ZL00262028.6 one kind of cylinder head configuration
  • Patent No. ZL00252024 .9 improved structure of a double cylinder cover 
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  • Patent No. ZL201420214744.9 bucket cover structure 
  • Patent No. ZL201621081988.X dispensing head
  • Patent No. ZL201720711929.4 card having a lid solid bucket structure
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