PRO-DESIGN GROUP launches 100% PCR plastic buckets certified by GRS global recycling standards

In the face of climate change caused by greenhouse gas emissions, which poses a threat to the environment and human survival, it is urgent to achieve net-zero carbon emissions. The use of recycled materials can effectively reduce carbon emissions, implement resource utilization, and achieve a circular economy. The Environmental Protection Agency has also formulated the "Key Points for Promotion of Non-Food Contact Plastic Recycled Products" and hopes that plastic recycled products for non-filled food can use 25% recycled plastic in 2025 and 30% recycled plastic in 2030.

PRO-DESIGN GROUP is one of the largest professional manufacturers of plastic containers in Asia. It is committed to promoting ESG environmental protection (E, environment), social responsibility (S, social) and corporate governance (G, governance), and providing environmental sustainability. Continuous packaging solutions. After rigorous repeated verification and testing, we successfully developed a PP bucket made of 100% PCR (post-consumer recycled plastic). While using recycled materials, it is still durable enough to maintain environmental protection while maintaining product functionality. Target.
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