Pro-Design Group and the Environmental Protection Agency work together to turn plastic waste around


The global population will exceed 8 billion people. Plastic, the best packaging material, provides human beings with great convenience, but it also causes environmental pollution. Therefore, it is urgent to find a solution!

As a pioneer of plastic packaging materials, Pro-Design Group is well aware of the importance of plastic reduction and recycling. In addition to actively participating in the formulation of policies by the Environmental Protection Agency, Pro-Design Group has also carried out multiple tests in the factory, aiming to produce high-quality products.

Recycled containers that are the same as virgin materials are available for customer selection. The Environmental Protection Agencys goal is to hope that enterprises will use recycled plastics to account for 25% of the entire plant in 2025. On the premise of passing all functional tests, good tools
Our products can add up to 30% recycled plastic for brand owners to use.

Friends from all walks of life are welcome to call and inquire, and do our best for energy conservation and environmental protection!
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